Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Considering the variety of facility management services that we offer; we constantly need to recruit a variety of staff and train them as per their skills and the job profile for them to carry out their responsibilities effectively and efficiently. Training sessions would also involve some of the personnel on the rolls of our client. Listed below are some of the skills for which we train the different personnel.

Our training programs and sessions are conducted for our staff to execute their job responsibilities effectively without complaints. They are well trained to complete some regular tasks on behalf of the employees for them to focus on their task at hand in the company. Listed below are some of the functions that they execute on clients’ premises for and on behalf of the employees.

∞ Payment of various utility bills – mobile, electricity, gas, water, etc.
∞ Bank transactions – cheque and cash deposits.
∞ Credit card payments by cash or cheque.
∞ Tax payments – especially income tax and/or other government taxes.
∞ Travel bookings – rail, flight, bus, cab or other.
∞ Hotel and/or other accommodation reservations.
∞ Ensuring safety compliance as per client’s company policy.
∞ Protecting clients from any untoward incidents.
∞ Conducting fire safety and other practice drills regularly amongst company employees to spread safety awareness.

Considering the above lists of job types and functions to be executed as one factor, continuous process of recruiting new staff as the other factor, we regularly conduct different types of training programs of varying durations for all our personnel. In other words, we have ongoing training programs conducted by our training staff. Listed below are some of the training programs that we regularly conduct for our personnel and staff.

∞ Customer Service and Soft Skills.
∞ Language and Communication skills.
∞ Email and Phone Etiquettes. ∞ Human Frisking.
∞ Conflict Management.
∞ First Aid and Rescue.
∞ Cleaning and Waste Management.
∞ Appropriate Waste Disposal Methods.
∞ Banking and Finance.
∞ Utility Bill Payments.
∞ Travel Arrangements and Bookings.