Electrical, Mechanical & Civil Maintenance

Electrical, Mechanical & Civil Maintenance

Mechanical equipment and electrical devices need regular maintenance and care. So does the civil structure to prevent untoward accidents and mishaps. For all these, we have two approaches – proactive maintenance and reactive maintenance.

Proactive maintenance is more of a preventive maintenance approach for the mechanical and electro–mechanical devices, electrical fixtures and fittings, and civil structures and compositions. In these, we have trained personnel to regularly inspect these for any damage, wear and tear, proper functioning and alignment. They do regular oiling and greasing for mechanical devices with moving parts. Each device or appliance or structure has a checklist to be followed for preventive maintenance and inspection. This checklist is thoroughly followed, and remedial actions are promptly taken wherever necessary. Remedial action may include replacement of the device or appliance to prevent further damage. This also involves installation, activation and maintenance of emergency alarm and response systems. These set of activities help to maintain and prolong the effective life of the electrical, mechanical, electro–mechanical appliances and devices, and civil structures.

Reactive maintenance approach is taken when the damage happens. This could be in the case of electrical outages caused by voltage fluctuations or lightning or other means. There could be mechanical or structural damages caused by fire or other accidents. This requires a multi–pronged approach as per some of the points below.

∞ Ensuring safety and security of the employees in the civil structure.
∞ Follow quick and organized evacuation of the premises.
∞ Check enclosed areas and rooms for people trapped and rescue them.
∞ Minimize the damage by controlling the fire.
∞ Avoid hazardous material and equipment.
∞ Gather the employees and other inhabitants of the civil structure to the nearest safe assembly points.
∞ Give special care and attention to senior citizens, pregnant and differently abled people.