Management of Safety & Security Services

Management of Safety & Security Services

Human safety and security are key components for both – employers and employees. We understand this criticality, especially for working women. Hence, we have a dedicated team of male and female security guards, who are carefully selected primarily on the grounds of physique and physical fitness in the age group of 21–45 years. These personnel need to have good communication skills in English and the local language or Hindi, based on client’s requirement.

Employee safety becomes the responsibility of the employer when he/she avails of transport from the company. Hence, his/her safety starts from the time he/she leaves the house before the shift time and ends when he/she reaches safely home after the shift. We recognize and appreciate this fact and deploy armed personnel in the company transport vehicles, especially when lady employees are being transported between sunset and sunrise.

Within the company premises, our security personnel are deployed and stationed within shouting distance of each other to facilitate quick assistance during emergencies. They are trained to check bags and to frisk specific categories of staff members. We ensure that adequate number of trained male and female security staff are deployed for respective checking.

Our security personnel also double up as safety officers as they are trained accordingly. They are trained in fire–fighting, evacuation, rescue operations and first aid until help arrives. For guarding and primary line of defence, they are trained for combat and overpowering the attacker. They are also equipped with hidden and visible safety devices and guns as aid in defence.

For important and key people either part of an organization or not, we have a special security force consisting of employees who are intensively trained in self–defence techniques using guns, batons, other defence equipment and free-hand combat. Our security personnel are well–trained and equipped to guard and protect critical equipment, appliances, movable and immovable property, etc. Thus, we cater to demanding security needs of various key people, movable and immovable property.