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A well maintained facility leads to a healthy, Comfortable and secure is superior, and management systems and processes are standardized.


We take a lot of meetings to understand and what our folks can do to make process smooth and perfect. Understanding the needs/requirements of client and project places.


CIFMS views quality training as essential and takes responsibility for ensuring that all the Employees have the necessarily tools and skills to be competent in performing their specific duties.
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Chaitanya Integrated Facility Management Services

Chaitanya Integrated Facility Management Services was the brainchild of two ardent Facility Management Professionals, Kiran and Rajesh, who collectively bring 25+ years of facility management experience to the table.

➢ Rajesh P. Gowda


Rajesh has nearly 12+ years’ experience of overall administration in facility management. He is an experienced planner, keen strategist with sure shot implementation experience for improving business performance. He has a rich experience of manning supply chain operations, especially of timely deliveries and returns. During his tenure as SEZ/STPI and Customs Coordinator, he maintained proper documentation with proper and timely communication with the vendors and other stakeholders.

As a facility and property manager, Rajesh ensured that housekeeping staff were deployed across the facilities with the necessary equipment, cleaning agents and protective wearables for added safety. He was responsible to establishing streamlined processes for facility cleaning and maintenance with proper accountability and responsibility for each staff member.
As a property manager, the other aspects, like safety and security, transportation and soft services like maintenance activities were under my purview during this time. I managed to execute these with finesse and proper formulation of processes to address these responsibilities time and again. Thus, I was able to do justice and more to my role of a facilities and properties manager. During his professional career, he has worked in specialized roles and responsibilities for different aspects of facility management and other administration functions. Thus, this varied experience gives him a holistic view of the facility management and maintenance aspect of the business.

➢ Kiran Kumar JM


Kiran has 10+ years’ experience in managing maintenance activities of facilities. A qualified HVAC technician, he started his professional career working as a maintenance and engineering department as a project coordinator.

His hunger for learning different aspects of the business prompted him to move on and take up the responsibility of property management professional. From there, he moved on to the IT sector as an administration assistant. Effectively, he moved from one role to another that had more challenges and diversity from the previous.

After working for nearly 10+ years understanding the various aspects of facility management, he joined hands with Rajesh Gowda to bring together Chaitanya – an Integrated Facility Management Solution, a holistic approach to facility management that encompasses different aspects of services and technology.